Choosing the right solar energy system.
which solar energy system

While a lot of other solar companies specialize only in photovoltaic installations, Haleakala Solar has a variety of solutions to your energy needs. Along with photovoltaic electric systems, we install solar hot water, battery systems, attic fans and pool heating systems. Having a diversity of products and systems and the experience to install them, allows us to be much more flexible in our ability to come up with cost- effective solutions to your energy needs. For example, a solar hot water system might be all that you need (often times, that is one of our first recommendations as the return on your initial investment is so great). Other times, a combination of, say, solar hot water, solar electric and attic fans might make more sense. There are numerous other ways to heat water and create electricity.

One of the Reasons Why Most Solar Companies Only Install Photovoltaic Systems

Solar hot water systems and attic fans generally offer you a better return on investment than most photovoltaic systems. The profit margins, though, to the solar company is not as large as photovoltaic systems. That is one reason why many other solar companies only focus on PV systems. By offering a variety of solar energy systems and innovative ways in utilizing them, we are able to come up with more comprehensive and efficient solutions to your energy needs than most other solar companies. We feel it is important that a company offers what is best for the customer, not the company.


One of the first steps on your journey to solar energy is to figure out what kind of system or program is right for you. First, we’ll take a look at your electrical and hot water needs. Then we find out more about your financial situation, goals and how much you’re hoping to save over the long haul. From there we can make recommendations on what we think would be the best plan of action. Here are some of the choices we have available.

Residential Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water is extremely durable and efficient and is such a great investment that in certain areas it is now required installation in all new homes. On average, a properly sized and installed solar hot water system will pay for itself in three years or less. There is no other home improvement program that has such an incredible return. Learn more about solar hot water systems.

Residential Solar Electric

Photovoltaic technology allows you to generate your own electricity and save a lot of money on your electric bill. On average, a PV system can be paid off in five to seven years. After that, your system is paid off and the energy generated is basically free. Go here to get more info on residential solar electric systems.

Commercial Solar Electric

Solar electric systems, when factoring in tax incentives are not only one of the best financial investments you can make, but brand investments as well. Having an environmentally friendly image for your business can be a valuable asset to your company and will serve as an active public relations tool. Visit this link to get more info on commercial solar electric systems.

Energy Saving Systems

Haleakala Solar is experienced with a number of solar energy systems. Though not as popular or well known as solar hot water or photovoltaic, attic fans, pool heating units, and waste heat recovery are just some of the alternate choices to fulfill your energy needs. Money spent using one or a combination of them along with hot water and/or photovoltaic will almost certainly bring you a greater return on your investment than implementing only photovoltaic.

After assessing your energy needs, Haleakala Solar will make recommendations on the systems that, for the money spent, will bring you the most return on your investment. Contact us today to find out how we may help you.

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