Our Solar Service Department is Second to None
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Dedicated Solar Service

Haleakala Solar founder, Jim Whitcomb’s commitment to service is legendary. One of the major reasons for the success of Haleakala Solar, is his belief that not only is it important to install a system properly, but to make sure it is serviced to run effectively and efficiently for the next 25 years and beyond. This is one of the core foundations of the company and major reasons for our success.

Since 1977

Haleakala Solar opened its doors in 1977. Back then, there were only a handful of solar companies around. Customers found not only did their systems work great, but if ever there were any problems, they were fixed right away, without any problems. Jim knew, especially in a small community, how vital this was and he was correct. The company grew quickly, mainly by word of mouth.

Installation Crew Installs. Service Crew Services.

One of the great benefits of going with Haleakala Solar is our dedicated solar service department. We are one of the few, if only, solar companies in Hawaii, that has a full-time service crew. Often times, other solar companies will pull members of their installation team off an install job to respond to a service call. They are not necessarily educated properly or often even have the time to handle service calls. We don’t do that. Our solar service technicians are specifically trained to troubleshoot and deal with all the various issues that may come up with solar systems and are always there, on call, for you. Although solar energy systems are extremely reliable and rarely have problems, we all know that in life, things happen. When they do, we have a dedicated, highly trained crew that can take care of them quickly and efficiently.

A Warranty Is Only As Good As the Company That Backs It

Due to the recent price drops in solar equipment, generous federal and state tax credits, and rise in electricity rates, the interest in solar energy in Hawaii has skyrocketed. Because of this, an inordinate amount of solar companies have sprung up in the past few years. There is a similar precedent to this.

Back in 1979, there were 4 solar companies in Maui. The government started giving out tax credits in 1980 for solar hot water systems and by 1984, there were 38 solar installation companies. In 1985, the tax credits ended and by 1986 we were back to 4 solar contractors again (Haleakala Solar is the only one left out of all those companies).

It seems we are witnessing a similar cycle, only this time with photovoltaic. Literally hundreds of individuals and companies have decided to jump onto the photovoltaic bandwagon in the past few years, a lot of them basically working out of their garages and backyards. If and when the tax credits go away, how many of these startup solar “contractors” will be around to uphold their 20-25 year warranties? Haleakala Solar has been here since 1977. When we say we’re going to back up our warranty, we mean it. We’ve already done it. Not many other solar companies can say that.

We’ll Help, Even If Someone Else Installed Your System

We are called often by people who have had solar systems installed by other companies and aren’t getting responses to their calls for help. We know how frustrating that can be. If you find yourself in this situation, give us a call.

Satewide Toll Free — (808) 400-4181

Oahu Service Dept. — (808) 523-3305

Maui Service Dept. — (808) 871-8654

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