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SolaTrim Provides Haleakala Solar With Aesthetics Solutions for Hawaii HOA and AOAO

New HOA and AOAO policies for Solar Installers in Maui

Haleakala Solar has been installing solar photovoltaic panels and hot water systems since 1977, one of the oldest solar companies in the state of Hawaii. Through the years there have been more and more demands for PV (photovoltaic systems). The HOA (Home Owners’ Association) and AOAO (Association of Apartment Owners) recently came out with new policies for solar installation in regards to aesthetics and protection. One of these included a mandate to include skirting around the solar array which would be more aesthetically pleasing by covering the panel framework.

Because of HOAs new aesthetic guidelines, Haleakala Solar began looking for a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution that would be in line with the HOA solar installation guidelines. The Haleakala Solar team opted to come up with their own solution and designed a skirting system that was aesthetically pleasing, built to last, and met with the HOA guidelines. However; with the high demand of solar photovoltaic installations for apartments and condominium complexes they found that the time it took to make and install the company-made skirting, it was time-consuming and expensive and ended up lowering the overall operational capacity. It was time for a new solution.

SolaTrim To The Aesthetic Rescue

solar panel skirtingThe head engineer of the Wailea Community Association was introduced to a skirting product called SolaTrim by Tony Racanelli, SolaTrim’s rep in Hawaii. After learning about the product, he asked Haleakala Solar to take a look at the SolaTrim skirting solution to see what they thought. The team at Haleakala Solar came to discover that the SolaTrim skirting solution addressed many of their needs for a robust, aesthetically-pleasing, yet cost-effective skirt that would meet the requirements of HOA and AOAO.

Haleakala Solar began using SolaTrim for their HOA and AOAO customers and were able to eliminate many costs and save a lot of time associated with manufacturing their own skirting. These savings meant the ability to save money for their customers. Not only is aesthetic skirting for solar arrays pleasing to look at, the skirting also protects the panels from unwanted pests that may build nests under the array. The SolaTrim skirting was found to be sturdy, even in tropical storm conditions. SolaTrim states that their skirting system has been tested for military-grade applications and is designed to be sturdy enough to last for the lifetime of the solar photovoltaic rooftop system… no matter the weather.

To learn more, be sure to visit the SolaTrim website today.

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