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Renewable Energy Storage System – Energizr

JLM Energy - Energizr Battery Backup

When you’re ready to take your energy independence to the next level, Haleakala Solar has a couple solutions based on your needs. The most space-efficient option is the JLM Energy Energizr™, a residential energy storage and management system that stores solar power generated during the day to provide electricity at night or in cloudy conditions. The system even combines with a generator to provide constant energy access during a power outage.

Energizr Renewable Energy Storage System

Energizr™ has four different modes of operation:

  • Grid-based with battery backup
  • Off-grid using renewable energy sources
  • Integrated grid, renewable, and battery backup
  • Immediate battery backup

Visit JLM Energy’s website for further information about these modes of operation.

The battery storage system is only 93″ tall x 16″ wide x 9″ deep. It uses lithium iron phosphate batteries and has storage capacity options of 2.1 – 7.8 kWh. A single unit is able to meet the energy requirements of a well-designed 1,500 to 2,500 square foot home. For larger homes, more than one unit can be installed.

Top reasons to consider Energizr™:

  1. Never ever have to worry about your power going out
  2. Gain energy independence so you no longer have to worry about changes made by the utility company
  3. For our customers who still want to remain connected to the grid: When the meter runs backwards, instead of all of your solar energy getting pumped back into the grid for everyone to use, some can be saved for when YOU need it later, which gives you the power (literally and figuratively) to avoid on-peak charges

Are you thinking taking the next step towards energy independence? Contact Haleakala Solar for more information. You can also stop in to our Maui Mall location (near Baskin Robbins) to see the Energizr™ in person.

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