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Install Solar PV With Battery System

Over the last 36 years Haleakala has installed a number of solar battery systems mostly for residential applications. By the end of the year we will have installed around 8-10 battery systems state wide, and we expect that number to grow significantly over the next few years.

Battery systems are a way to avoid utility approval prior to installing a PV system. In other words, people in saturated areas where MECO is requiring a 12-18 month study before declaring if PV’s safe for that particular grid or not, should consider installing solar batteries which allows them to avoid the utility-made delays altogether. This, in fact, benefits both the customer and the utility company because the customer receives the benefit of cheaper renewable energy while the utility company doesn’t have to worry about adding anymore instability to the grid.

Our founder, Jim Whitcomb, has had his eyes on solar batteries for quite some time now. Haleakala Solar is ahead of the pack in regards to the sizing, design and types of batteries we’ll be using in projects to come.

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